Establishing Conservatorship In California Courts

The aging process can be cruel, as it often strips people of their ability to care for themselves. This can be very hard to watch, especially when it happens to a parent or other loved one. Establishing a conservatorship can be a crucial step in order to prevent someone from making poor financial decisions due to incapacity or mental incompetence. This is a potentially complicated step that involves seeking the permission of a court. It is crucial to work with a lawyer who understands the rules surrounding conservatorships and how to take these steps.

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Working To Create General And Limited Conservatorships

There are two types of conservatorships under California law: general conservatorship and limited conservatorship. General conservatorships apply to adults who have lost the ability to manage their finances or personal affairs. These conservatorships are typically for elderly people who may be suffering from dementia. Limited conservatorships apply to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our law firm deals with both types and can help you decide which conservatorship best meets your family's needs. We will then file a petition with the court and show why a conservatorship is necessary.

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