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What Will Happen to Your Pet When You're No Longer Around?

When it comes to protecting your pet, no one does it better than you do. You love them. You feed them. You make sure they have everything they need to live a happy, healthy life. But what would happen if you were no longer around? Who would care for your pet? Would your friends and family know what foods to feed or what medications to give? How can you ensure that your pet continues to receive the love and care they need?

What a Pet Trust Can Do for You and Your Pet

By setting up a pet trust, you will decide who will take care of your pet when you are no longer able to do so. You do this by appointing a caretaker and trustee. The trustee will monitor the caretaker to ensure that he or she provides the proper care for your pet and will provide the funds to do so. The caretaker keeps the pet in his or her custody and handles the day-to-day needs of your pet.

The trust should be funded with sufficient assets or property to care for your pet for its expected lifetime. When deciding on the amount, be sure to keep in mind any special needs such as medical conditions. The trust will remain in effect for the lifetime of your pet. After death, the remainder of the funds can be disbursed at your direction to other beneficiaries, as well. And because a Pet Trust is fully enforceable by the courts, you can rest easy knowing that your pet's well-being will always be safe.

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Is My Pet Really at Risk?

According to animal welfare organization "2nd Chance 4 Pets," over 500,000 pets are abandoned each year due to the death or disability of their human companions. That's 500,000 too many. What's worse is that those pets could have been protected with just a little planning. Think about it: what will happen to your pet if you become disabled? What if you're no longer able to speak for yourself? How will the courts know what to do with your pet? And how can you make sure that your beloved animal doesn't end up in a shelter somewhere or worse, alone on the streets? Because sadly, that happens all the time.

With a Pet Trust, you can prevent your pet from becoming another statistic. Give us a call today - together, we can make sure your pet has a happy, healthy life.

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