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Facing end-of-life issues such as a veteran's desire for home care often means facing financial stresses that affect the entire family. In these situations, unfortunately, many veterans or spouses of veterans who served during a period of war do not know about Veterans aid and attendance benefits.

The amounts available are substantial. Payments can be up to $2,053 a month to pay for long-term care. Using these home health care benefits, veterans and their spouses can choose to age in peace in their homes and still meet their expenses.

These benefits are not your normal benefits. But The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, is not your normal kind of law firm. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we focus exclusively on what we do, so we do it well. We work hard to help veterans find peace of mind and to stretch their dollars further.

VA Home Care Benefits Attorney Serving San Bernardino County Region

Our entire practice is dedicated to helping veterans and their spouses protect and apply for their benefits under Veterans aid and attendance and under Medi-Cal. We understand this special veterans benefit and how to protect your right to use it through effective estate planning and a streamlined application process. We apply on your behalf and we get those benefits for you. Fast.

Veterans and their spouses need to understand, however, that the usual revocable living trust simply will not provide them with the maximum amount of asset protection they need. Further, an ill-advised estate plan can, in fact, prevent veterans and their spouses from maintaining their eligibility for Veterans aid and attendance benefits.

Our firm knows how to do all of this and to do it strategically with an eye to making the law work for our clients. Our firm's founding attorney, Esther Wang, brings more than 20 years of legal experience to her clients. She holds an experienced legal judgment and is also an industry-recognized educator in the area of Veterans aid and attendance benefits. Attorney Wang often, in fact, educates other attorneys in this area of law, both as an author and as a teacher in the classroom.

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To learn more about your rights with respect to Veterans aid and attendance benefits and other available legal options, schedule your free strategy session with California lawyer Esther Chen Wang today by calling 800-409-6271. You can also contact us online. All communications remain entirely confidential.