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The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, helps wartime veterans and their families cope with the financial realities of medical and living costs now facing veterans 65 years of age and older. Our firm focuses its efforts in helping veterans and their families understand their rights with respect to Veterans aid and attendance benefits, an underused benefit provided to our wartime veterans and their families to alleviate these exact financial pressures. The amounts available are substantial. Payments can be up to $2,053 a month to pay for long-term care.

VA Benefits Attorney: San Bernardino County And Surrounding Communities

In that sense, we are a different kind of law firm helping people understand a different kind of veterans benefit. Because we focus solely on Veterans aid and attendance issues, such as applications and estate planning, we are not all things to all people.

Our clients appreciate this sharp focus. They know that we understand this sometimes obscure and complicated area of law so little understood even by the people who would benefit from this financial assistance the most. We work hard to help all of our clients find peace of mind and to stretch their dollars further.

We provide all our clients with experienced legal judgment from an industry-recognized lawyer and educator in the area of Veterans aid and attendance benefits: our firm's founding attorney, Esther Wang. With more than 20 years of legal experience, attorney Wang, in fact, often educates other attorneys in this area of law, both as an author and as a teacher in the classroom.

Attorney Wang has assisted wartime veterans and their widows with the complicated rules and regulations involved in making a successful application for Veterans aid and attendance benefits. We have seen widows and families use these benefits to alleviate the financial stress caused by any number of issues, including:

  • Nursing home care
  • Long-term care
  • Home care
  • Senior retirement living
  • Board and care
  • Assisted living

These VA health benefits are not medical benefits. They are not welfare. They are called Special Monthly Pensions. They are an appreciation for and in recognition of the sacrifices made by wartime veterans and their families in defending our country. Our law firm can help you make sure you receive them through a successful application and successful estate planning.

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Schedule your free strategy session with California lawyer Esther Chen Wang today to learn more about your rights with respect to Veterans aid and attendance benefits and other available legal options: 800-409-6271. You can also contact us online. All communications remain entirely confidential.