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Pain symptoms and disability claims

California residents who cannot work due to pain or chronic ailments can file a Social Security disability claim. If a claim is initially denied, the claimant can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is important for applicants to include in the initial application how pain affects their ability to work.

Social Security disability application mistakes

California residents that become disabled may have options available under both state and federal law for pursuing a disability claim, such as filing for social security disability benefits. There are some common mistakes many claimants make when filing a social security disability claim.

Social Security disability approval time

Many California residents will apply for Social Security disability or SSI every year and may wonder how long the process takes. The answer depends on multiple factors, including how long it takes the applicant to go through each stage of the process.

Understanding Social Security disability

There are several misconceptions about Social Security disability insurance in California. While news stories may claim that there is rampant fraud in the SSDI system, it is very difficult for people to get approved for benefits when they have become disabled.

How to apply and qualify for disability benefits

Workers in California and around the country have approximately a 20 percent chance of being disabled for at least three consecutive months during theircareer. Those who don't have disability insurance may have trouble replacing lost income. However, it may be possible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits while out of work. The program is available to those who have enough credits to qualify as it funded by payroll taxes.

Submitting evidence to support disability claims

Up to 25 percent of Californians will become disabled sometime during their working years. When people suffer disabling conditions, they may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. It is important for workers to understand what the agency will look for when it reviews their benefits claims.

Social Security appeals backlog reaches record length

Some Californians suffer from disabling conditions that prevent them from working. These people are able to apply for benefits through the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, the SSA denies a majority of the claims that it initially receives, forcing people to file appeals of their denials.

Going back to work while on SSDI

Many people living in California collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The SSDI program provides cash support for qualifying individuals who are limited in their ability to work due to a disability. Some individuals who collect SSDI, over time, begin to wonder whether returning to work might be a good idea for them. They may be reluctant, however, to try a return to full-time employment out of concern that they might lose their benefits.

What to know about Social Security Disability rules

Millions of people receive Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are given to those who are unable to work because of a medical condition that may result in death or last for at least a year. Family members of a disabled worker may also collect benefits. For California residents who receive them, it may be worth looking into whether or not they can switch from disability benefits to survivor benefits or their own maximum benefit.

Thousands die waiting for Social Security benefits

California residents who apply for Social Security Disability benefits may have to wait two years for a hearing. For some of the estimated 1 million American who are waiting for a hearing, that may be longer than they have left to live. According to data from the inspector general for Social Security, there were 7,400 people on the wait list last year who were actually dead.

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