SSI Benefit Discontinuance And Now An Overpayment Demand?

After receiving a Supplement Security Income (SSI) benefit discontinuance notice, our clients frequently encounter the issue of an overpayment demand as well. The Social Security Administration (SSA) usually seeks overpayment from an SSI recipient when the SSA discontinues the benefit.

The SSI benefit may have been discontinued for a number of reasons, including the receipt of a gift, inheritance or converting an exempt asset into a nonexempt asset. We can help before the SSI benefit is discontinued, and it is often possible to avoid the discontinuance altogether. However, when an SSI discontinuance occurs, then an overpayment by the SSA to the recipient is a common event.

We Can Help With Overpayment Appeals | We Have Fought And Won

The overpayment amount requested is usually no small amount. While the amount varies, the overpayment request can be in the thousands. At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, our lawyers have challenged these overpayment requests through the appeals process, all the way through the appeals court in Virginia, and we have won.

Our attorneys understand how this process works and have the experience to be vigorous advocates on your behalf. We practice in estate planning, especially in elder and disability law, and that is all we do. Our firm offers personal attention and service for every client — no matter the issue.

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