How Veteran Aid Planning Can Help

Our clients are veterans and veterans widows who often do not know their rights with respect to veterans aid and attendance benefits. As a result, before meeting with us, they also do not realize that run-of-the-mill estate planning does not maximize their rights.

To learn what legal protections they need, they will need a different kind of estate planning provided by a law firm that specializes their practice on veteran benefits. Our attorneys are Accredited by the Department of Veteran Affairs to represent wartime veterans and their families.  At the Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we know the importance of establishing an estate plan that protects the rights of veterans to apply for aid and attendance, as well as, Medi-Cal benefits.

We know that a traditional revocable trust, for instance, does not sufficiently protect the interests of our veterans and their widows. We know this because we have been providing the type of legal advice that helps our clients find peace of mind and stretch their dollars further.

We Have The Expertise to Know How to Do Your Planning Right

We will help you understand how estate planning can help you and your family both now and in the future. Knowledgeable estate planning in this area will build an estate plan that will not prohibit a veteran from receiving aid and attendance benefits. We also know how to plan your estate so you can avoid probate, save on estate taxes and qualify for VA Aid & Attendance - all at the same time.

Veterans aid and attendance benefits provide peace of mind that many elderly veterans and their widows wish to give to their children. Through effective estate planning, clients have anticipated and provided for needs such as:

  • Nursing homes
  • Long-term care
  • Home care
  • Senior retirement living
  • Board and care
  • Assisted living

Contact Us To Get Your Questions Answered

Contact us by email or phone at 909-677-2671 to schedule a strategy session to learn more about your rights with respect to veterans aid and attendance benefits and other available legal options. We serve clients throughout California from our office in Redlands.