How SSI Benefit Discontinuance Happens

A Supplement Security Income (SSI) benefit discontinuance often occurs when a recipient of an SSI benefit receives an inheritance or gift. It may also occur when a recipient unknowingly converts an exempt asset to a nonexempt asset, such as by the sale of a home. In these circumstances, the Social Security Administration (SSA) would notify the SSI recipient that the benefit will be discontinued or decreased.

Consult With An Attorney Before Your Benefit is Affected

A consultation with our office can help you understand how to prevent an SSI benefit discontinuance in the first place. It is possible that the discontinuance is entirely preventable with the right knowledge and strategy. We have strategies including court petitions, special needs trust, and other legal methods and options to prevent the loss of an SSI benefit.

We Can Help You Even After an SSI Benefit Has Been Discontinued

Unfortunately, many clients first learn of the discontinuance from a denial notice from the SSA. They learn about the discontinuance before they can take advantage of counsel and without the benefit of planning. However, our lawyers can still help. Our team can apply available legal strategies to minimize the loss of the SSI benefit.

Offering Strategy Sessions for Discontinuance Cases

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