Adult Child Caring For Elderly Parent

We craft estate plans for veterans that maximize assets without prohibiting a veteran from receiving aid and attendance benefits. In this area, we have the expertise necessary to provide comprehensive legal advice that simply cannot be provided by other advisers.

Our clients often do not even realize that these benefits exist. But when their parents begin to decline and financial stresses begin, providing care for their elderly parents causes them to inquire about veterans aid and attendance benefits. The amounts available are substantial, often up to $2,295 a month to pay for long-term care.

We Assist Our Clients Who Want To Help Their Elderly Parents

We help our clients accomplish the goal of providing elderly parents with the living assistance that they need in a setting that works for them. We have seen clients successfully rely on veterans aid and attendance benefits to provide a number of living options to elderly parents, including home care benefits and assisted living benefits.

At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we always welcome family members and decision-makers to meetings. We know that our clients often want the comfort of knowing that their loved ones also understand any legal proceedings. Their input and advice become invaluable for decision-making purposes.

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