Asset Protection Attorneys in Redlands, California

At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, our ultimate goal is asset protection through a carefully crafted estate plan. When you are faced with the costs of long-term care, you may not understand how to protect your wealth and receive government benefits to address your costs.

Our lead attorneys, Esther C. Wang and Jason Oei, have extensive legal experience working with families to address certain requirements under Medi-Cal and other government benefits. With our careful asset preservation approach, we can evaluate your financial circumstances, future needs and the needs of your spouse and family.

Speak to a Lawyer Before You Take Any Action

We commonly encounter clients who have transferred a home or other financial asset in response to or anticipation of long-term care they will have to cover for themselves or a spouse. Before you take action, consult with an experienced attorney to make sure you are taking the right steps to protect your assets.

Often, we can recommend options and financial products that may resolve these issues without drastic action. For example, we can help clients leverage their IRAs into increased funds for long-term care accounts or work with our network of resourceful financial advisers to find other appropriate financial products.

Personal Attention for Each Client

We are a local law firm that serves clients throughout California from our office in Redlands. We offer flexible scheduling and can hold your consultation in our Redlands office location. Call 909-677-2671 to schedule a consultation or send us an email.