How To Protect Your House

Clients often come to us in a panic, fearful that they must sell or give up their home to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits. At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we work closely with these clients to show them how to effectively plan and use nursing home benefits available under Medi-Cal while also keeping their homes, even if they are in a nursing home.

We regularly work with clients who are worried about losing their homes because of nursing home bills owed to the state or because they have been told (mistakenly) that they need to sell the home to qualify for Medi-Cal. Let our office help you find peace of mind and stretch your dollars. We can show you how, with proper planning, Medi-Cal will pay for most of your nursing home costs.

We Are a Different Kind of Law Firm

We can provide different legal opinions because we are a different kind of law firm: We focus on helping people meet their crushing financial burdens. Because we so thoroughly focus on this one area, we understand how to properly plan your nursing home benefits so you can keep your home and prevent the state from taking money from you while still qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits.

We make it our job to maximize your Medi-Cal benefits. As a result, we regularly advise clients about their rights with respect to the full range of issues on the matter, including:

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