Assisted Living Attorneys in Redlands, California

At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we focus on helping our elderly clients and their families achieve their goals with respect to financing assisted living for veterans and their spouses. Many elderly veterans and their spouses want a living space in which they receive the assistance they need with everyday tasks, but also gain the benefits and friendships found in community living. Unfortunately, the cost of these services can make such living arrangements beyond the reach of some wartime veterans and their spouses.

We Work With Clients & Help To Educate On Benefits

We make it our goal to educate our clients regarding the financial assistance for assisted living that may be available to them in the form of veterans aid and attendance benefits. Few of our clients come to us knowing about this benefit.

The amounts available are substantial - some up to $2,295 a month for long-term care. We take great pride in showing our clients how these benefits can be used to finance the assisted living arrangements that they once thought beyond their reach. We work hard to help them find comfort and maximize their resources.

We Are a Different Type of Law Firm

Our focus on veterans benefits means we know how to plan your estate in such a way that you can avoid probate, save on estate taxes, and qualify for VA aid and attendance benefits at the same time. Many clients do not understand that the VA does not treat all wills and trusts alike.

For veterans, the usual revocable trust may not adequately protect them or maximize their assets. For that reason, we regularly advise clients about their rights with respect to laws regarding a wide variety of veterans aid and attendance benefits issues, including:


To learn more about veterans aid and attendance benefits with respect to assisted living arrangements, schedule your consultation and let's discuss the best strategy for your specific needs.  Call our Redlands, Ca law firm today at 909-677-2671. You can also contact us online.