"Your office helped my parents apply for VA Aid and Attendance and Medi-Cal benefits. We got Medi-Cal approval somewhere in December 2012, but couldn't use it until late May of 2013. But I am so grateful that we have it, because when we needed it, we needed it in a big way. As with the VA benefits ... a huge payment showed up in his account. We got approved retroactively. I wanted to let you know of the good news and say a big THANK YOU to everyone in your office who have been involved."

- Janice, Arcadia

"Esther Wang has flawlessly handled every aspect of our mother's Medi-Cal qualification and subsequent redeterminations. She has even successfully defended our case when we have made minor errors along the way. She understands that we are not the experts - so she willingly uses her expertise to bridge the gap! Additionally, the actions and philosophy of Esther's practice are always in accordance with the law, and above board. In our experience, she never seemed to be trying to deal underhandedly with the state, but simply to represent our mother's interests within the law. In that, she has proved to be an honest and hard-working advocate, repeatedly finding creative ways for us to handle our unique circumstances, in order to save us time, money, and aggravation. In sum, I cannot imagine having tried to negotiate this path without Esther's assistance, and she and her staff have made it a painless and (almost!) enjoyable experience."

- Dave, San Bernardino County

"Esther and her staff so impressed me with their knowledge of the law, compassion for our plight, and attention to detail, that I had to chose her to handle my case. They spent hours, walking us through the process. My paralegal was almost always available right then on that call. Our previous living trust attorney would only take calls through voicemail and often wouldn't respond for days. Esther and her VA Benefits consultant would tell me that they aren't giving up. If I had handled this myself, I would have quit and the VA would have let the case drop. We are now receiving monthly checks which covers most of his care and I owe it completely to this firm. I highly recommend them to my friends and anyone who needs to apply for VA benefits. Words that come to mind are kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, persistent and SUCCESSFUL."

- Tim, Riverside

"After talking to five other lawyers, I chose her, and I recommend her without hesitation. She has integrity and does things right. I drove two hours each way to meet with her and it was worth it."

- Gina, Ramona

"My family came to Esther to help us prepare my mother's application for V. A. Aid and Assistance. During our consultation, she also recommended we apply for Medi-Cal and create a durable power of attorney, as well. Esther and her staff went to work and in a few short weeks we had both the power of attorney and a favorable response from Medi-Cal. Several months later, my mother's V.A. application for benefits was approved and she is able to enjoy the benefits of assisted living without the fear of financial ruin. Esther's entire staff promptly and professionally responded to our questions and concerns and went as far as meeting my mother at her residence to get documents signed and notarized! I would unequivocally recommend Esther for all of your elder and disability law needs!"

- Scott, Redlands

"After meeting with a few other law offices for VA and Medi-Cal issues I found Esther Wang to be the most experienced in both areas besides having the most fair fee schedule. It was within the first 10 minutes of my initial consultation I knew I wanted her office to handle my affairs. She was very clear and complete in how she would proceed with my case and did exactly that. I highly recommend her."

- Steven, Anaheim

"We came to Esther to ask for her assistance in getting our mother approved for Medi-Cal but also for survivors benefits as a spouse of a WWII veteran. Esther and her entire firm were very professional yet very outgoing and personal and friendly with my sister and I. We never felt rushed when we met with Esther or her staff and they always asked before we left if there were any other questions we had. Great Lawyer --- Great Staff."

- Larry, Covina

"I first met Esther about two years ago. I needed help for my Aunt who had just lost her husband and didn't know what to do. An attorney I knew in Yuma, AZ, recommended Esther. They took care of everything and thanks to Esther and her staff my Aunt is safe, she has some money, and we don't have to worry about how we are going to pay her bills. In my mind there isn't anyone better than Esther and Elder Law Firm. They told us what they would do and then accomplished everything they set out to do. I would recommend Esther to anyone that needs help with a loved one or family member."

- Jerry, Chandler

"From the moment I first stepped into Ms Wang's office I knew I was in the right place. They office made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Ms Wang and I had our consultation and I immediately knew I had made the right decision to see her. Ms Wang and her staff have been a Godsend to both my daughter and I in a most difficult time of our life. Not knowing where to start first she and her office made me feel as if everything was going to be alright and it was. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am to them. I would most certainly recommend Ms Wang's to anyone who required an Attorney for the Elderly."

- Glenda, Ontario

"After 30 days of waiting I was told by another attorney that I would have no chance ... he was not interested in helping. Then I found Esther Wang. She reviewed all of the paperwork and said she could help us. I am so thankful that I found her."

- Rhonda, Rancho Cucamonga

"Esther Wang became our family Attorney around August of 2008. She was recommended highly by another Lawyer. I have worked with quit a few attorneys in my days and Ms. Wang rates at the top of my list. She listens without an agenda. She shows genuine concern to every one of my family members. She greets my Father and Mother with respect and compassion. As an Attorney, she is very sharp. She investigates every angle and leaves no stones unturned. She is a brilliant honest Lawyer who I would recommend highly to anyone."

- John, Highland