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October 2013 Archives

Is Estate Tax Only A Concern For The Rich?

Developing a good relationship with a licensed, experienced Redlands estate planning lawyer is very important so that you can be certain that the information that you are working with is correct and current.

What Will Happen To Your Estate Without A Will Or A Trust?

If you have not taken the time to draft a will your state laws will mandate what will happen with your possessions. This process can be long and drawn out, and can sometimes result in costly lawsuits.

Holistic Long-Term Care Planning

Estate planning involves preparing your assets for eventual distribution to your heirs and this is an important thing to take care of as soon as you become a responsible and self-supporting adult. However, the truly wise course of action is to create a comprehensive, holistic long-term plan for the future that culminates with the passing along of your legacy.

QTIP Is Useful Estate Planning Tool

During our current era a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce. Most of the people who do get divorced eventually remarry, and in the majority of these cases one or both of the individuals entering the marriage has children from a previous marriage or marriages.

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