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August 2014 Archives

Dynasty Trust Can Be Effective For Wealth Preservation

If you are in possession of wealth that will logically remain intact across multiple generations even as family members benefit from these resources you are going to have to seek avenues that provide tax efficiency.

Medicare Contains Multiple Parts

Some people are under the impression that things just take care of themselves when you achieve senior citizen status. Social Security will surely be enough to satisfy all of your financial needs and Medicare will cover your health care expenses.

Rate of Estate Tax May Shock You

While it is indeed important to look ahead toward the future, the fact is that as a young adult you may not be that interested in the details of tax laws that are applicable to the field of estate planning. However, we all care a great deal about the well-being of our loved ones, and this tax can have an extraordinarily negative impact on succeeding generations of your family.

Evaluate Heirlooms and Other Sentimental Items

Inheritance planning is often reduced to a somewhat overly simplistic analogy. You inventory your assets to determine the size of the "pie" as it were. You then decide who will be receiving slices of the pie. The last step is to arrange for slices of various sizes to be transferred to these heirs after you pass away.

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