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September 2017 Archives

Thousands die waiting for Social Security benefits

California residents who apply for Social Security Disability benefits may have to wait two years for a hearing. For some of the estimated 1 million American who are waiting for a hearing, that may be longer than they have left to live. According to data from the inspector general for Social Security, there were 7,400 people on the wait list last year who were actually dead.

SSA paying vets who are dead, not paying some who are alive

The inspector general of the Social Security Administration reported that improper payments amounting to almost $38 million were made to 746 deceased veterans, some of whom may have been from California. The deaths were not properly entered into Social Security databases, according to the inspector, and the payments were discovered during an audit. The findings of the audit were reported in August 2017. Unless its records are brought up to date, the SSA is likely to make a further $7.3 million in erroneous payments by August 2018.

Disability programs interrelated, benefits affect one another

Social Security Disability and federal civil service disability programs are integrated to an extent. In a situation where a California resident who works for the federal government becomes disabled, he or she should be careful to protect the rights available under each of the programs. Federal employees who become disabled might be entitled to a disability annuity. To qualify under the Civil Service Retirement System or CSRS-Offset, an employee must have worked for five years or more in federal civilian service.

Social Security Disability in California

The Social Security Administration considers people disabled if they have a condition that prevents them from doing substantial work, and the condition must last -- or be expected to last -- over a year in duration. When someone becomes disabled, the inability to work and the resulting income lost is a real concern. This type of situation is why Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance exist.

Reducing the risks involved with administering trusts

In California, more and more people are choosing to set up trusts as part of their estate plans. Today, many new types of trusts are available, and they are much more complex. Modern trusts may have portfolios that include far more than the traditional stocks, bonds and real estate. Some trusts might include businesses, collectibles, art, commodities and minerals. With more diversified portfolios, these trusts are extremely difficult to administer.

Different trust assets can raise different issues

Among the tools individuals sometimes use in estate planning and other types of planning are trusts. One of the ways trusts vary from one another is in what assets they contain. There are a range of different types of assets a person could opt to put into a trust.

How Social Security disability claims are processed

California residents who can no longer work due to a medical condition may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. But understanding if an illness, injury or simply old age makes someone entitled to payments can be confusing. The Social Security Administration uses a procedure to determine if a person is entitled to payment of benefits that involves certain criteria.

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