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October 2017 Archives

Social Security appeals backlog reaches record length

Some Californians suffer from disabling conditions that prevent them from working. These people are able to apply for benefits through the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, the SSA denies a majority of the claims that it initially receives, forcing people to file appeals of their denials.

The importance of end-of-life decision making

California music fans were shocked to learn of the sudden-death of rocker Tom Petty. After suffering cardiac arrest, the famous musician was treated but then removed from life support. The decision was made by Petty himself in the form of a do-not-resuscitate order that he had signed as part of his long-term care and estate planning.

Going back to work while on SSDI

Many people living in California collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The SSDI program provides cash support for qualifying individuals who are limited in their ability to work due to a disability. Some individuals who collect SSDI, over time, begin to wonder whether returning to work might be a good idea for them. They may be reluctant, however, to try a return to full-time employment out of concern that they might lose their benefits.

Long-term care planning is vital for the LGBTQ community

Many LGBTQ Californians believe in spending for today instead of saving for tomorrow. Unfortunately, this approach may make it much more difficult when they grow older. If people need long-term care at some point in their lives, their partners may have trouble being able to pay for it.

Long-term disability insurance offers security, peace of mind

In a survey conducted by a trade association, 65 percent of those who responded said they thought most people should have disability insurance. Only 48 percent thought they themselves needed it, though, and only 20 percent actually had it. California residents might do well to incorporate a long-term disability insurance policy as part of a comprehensive long term care plan.

Advice for principals considering powers of attorney

California residents who are considering how their estates will be managed if they become incapacitated might want to execute a power of attorney. An individual, called the principal, creates this document to designate a trusted party, called the agent, to attend to financial matters if illness or injury prevents the principal from performing the duties. An individual should never sign this document if feeling pressured or lacking comfort with its terms. In some cases, financial professionals, relatives or friends pressure people into naming them as agents so that they can take elderly people's money.

What to know about Social Security Disability rules

Millions of people receive Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are given to those who are unable to work because of a medical condition that may result in death or last for at least a year. Family members of a disabled worker may also collect benefits. For California residents who receive them, it may be worth looking into whether or not they can switch from disability benefits to survivor benefits or their own maximum benefit.

An overview of common trusts

The use of a trust may make it easier for California residents to exercise control over their assets. The use of a marital trust may be appropriate when an individual has children from previous marriages. The use of a bypass trust may ideal for those looking to maximize their lifetime estate tax exemption.

How to serve as an executor

California residents who are named as executors of estates will have multiple duties to perform. They should take the time that they need to make certain that they appropriately administer the estates for which they are responsible. If they make errors, they may be personally liable to the beneficiaries.

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