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Medical records for SSD claims

California residents that apply for Social Security Disability benefits have to submit medical records that verify their conditions. The records should come from the treating physician, and they should detail when the impairment began and how it will develop in the future. The physician will also be able to document any mental or physical restrictions the condition has on the applicant's ability to work.

Exploring the intangible side of estate planning

An estate plan can be a critical part of creating a future for people in California and across the United States. Not only does estate planning help to distribute assets clearly through the use of wills, trusts, insurance and other instruments, it also helps to ease the period after death for heirs and calm the emotional pain following the loss of a loved one. A complex and unplanned estate can pile stress on to an already painful situation, while a well-planned estate allows for the easiest transfer possible of real and personal property. Because it is an in-depth process that includes important decisions about the future, estate planning can provoke nostalgia and an impetus to transfer thoughts, memories, connections and family stories to a new generation.

SSA disregards short-terms needs of disabled people

California residents who are confronted by long-term disability could face significant financial hardships while waiting for an answer about disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Strict requirements guide eligibility for benefits, and the agency denies many applicants. Although an appeals process is in place, years might pass before the agency makes a decision.

People too often overlook long-term care planning

Providing for long-term care is among the most important reasons for California residents to develop an estate plan, and yet many underestimate their need for it. The U.S. government estimates that 70 percent of people who are currently 65 years old will require long-term care of some kind during their lives. The costs associated with this type of care are often underestimated, and many people don't realize that health insurance will not cover all of it in many cases.

The wait after getting approved for disability benefits

Exactly when a California resident who has been approved for disability benefits receives those benefits depends on a few factors. Generally, those who have gotten approval after an initial application will get their benefits sooner than those who get it at the hearing level. As a general rule, the Social Security Administration strives to complete cases in a timely manner.

Handling digital accounts for deceased loved ones

One aspect of estate planning California residents may not pay attention to is that of their digital footprint. Thanks to the policies of tech companies and confusing laws, it can be difficult for surviving loved ones to deal with the online records left behind by a loved one.

Pain symptoms and disability claims

California residents who cannot work due to pain or chronic ailments can file a Social Security disability claim. If a claim is initially denied, the claimant can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is important for applicants to include in the initial application how pain affects their ability to work.

How the Cy Pres doctrine may help to save charitable trusts

In California, some people would like to leave money to charities in their estate plans. They are able to do so by establishing charitable trusts. These are trusts that have charitable purposes in order to benefit the public good in some way. Examples of charitable purposes might include education, religion, poverty relief, to benefit cities and others.

Veterans' benefits may pay for long-term care

California veterans and their spouses might be eligible for a benefit to help to pay for their long-term care. Only 5 percent of the money that is set aside for this benefit is accessed because many eligible people simply do not know that the program exists.

Helping elderly parents with estate-planning needs is a true gift

If you are the adult child of elderly parents, one of the greatest gifts that you can give to them this holiday season is to make sure that they have all the necessary estate planning documents in place. While these conversations can be difficult to initiate, you do no one a favor by leaving it unaddressed.

Social Security disability application mistakes

California residents that become disabled may have options available under both state and federal law for pursuing a disability claim, such as filing for social security disability benefits. There are some common mistakes many claimants make when filing a social security disability claim.

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