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Speeding up a Social Secrurity disability claim case

Many workers who become disabled in California file for Social Security claims every year. Social Security disability claims are controlled by federal guidelines and may be affected by how many cases are being filed in local offices due to heavy caseloads. Unfortunately, many claimants spend a long time waiting for their claim to be reviewed.

Why aging adults need to start planning for long-term care now

Estate planning can be quite stressful, which can lead some people to rush through this critical process. Far too many people overlook long-term care planning when they sit down to plan their estates. They focus on what assets they would like to leave to which family members, while neglecting the potential reality of nursing home costs absorbing all of that money.

Alternative for being trustee or executor

California residents who are asked to be the executor of an estate or serve as a trustee of a trust should understand the many financial and administrative duties they will have. Individuals who accept those positions should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time fulfilling their duties, which may take away time from their family and interfere with their career.

Heart attacks and Social Security disability claims

A California resident who has suffered a heart attack may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, the final answer isn't all that straightforward. The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers someone disabled if they are unable to work or obtain gainful employment for at least 12 months; or if they expect not to be able to do so for the next year for medical reasons.

The surviving spouse needs to make important decisions

For California couples who have been farsighted enough to establish an estate plan, there comes a well-deserved peace of mind that their assets will be handled well after their deaths. While no one escapes their own mortality, having properly executed legal documents in place necessary to handle the transition when the time comes is reassuring. However, estate planning is not a one-and-done proposition; major life changes necessitate reviewing and sometimes altering one's plan.

Clarifying the definition of "disability" for SSD purposes

California residents who are unable to work may be allowed to collect Social Security Disability benefits if they meet strict criteria. For instance, they will need to show that their disabilities will last for at least a year or cause death. Furthermore, they will need to show that they cannot do any type of work because of a mental or physical condition.

Social Security Disability reconsiderations

The majority of disability applicants in California and the rest of the United States will see their application denied. In fact, records show that 65 percent of people who apply for disability benefits are denied. As a result, these individuals have to decide if they want to go through the process of appealing their denied benefits claim.

How representation can affect a disability claim

When people in California file for Social Security Disability, they may be tempted to go it alone; after all, the administrative law proceedings that come even with the last appeal in the process allow applicants to represent themselves. However, when people are represented by a disability attorney at a hearing, they are far more likely to successfully receive benefits and win their appeal.

The importance of creating an estate plan

Aretha Franklin died without a will or any sort of estate plan in place despite being worth an estimated $80 million at the time of her death. California residents may be able to learn something from the problems that this may create for her heirs. Her sons have listed themselves as interested parties to the estate and chose Franklin's niece to become the personal representative to the estate.

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