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Appealing a denial notice for SSD benefits

When people in California apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the funds are often much-needed, especially as the applicant can no longer return to work. However, many people are denied when applying for SSD, especially at the first stages of the process. The majority of claims are denied at the first level of benefits application, and even more are denied under a reconsideration appeal. However, moving further in the process allows applicants the ability to present more information and strengthen their case, giving a higher likelihood of a successful outcome.

If an applicant receives a letter from the Social Security Administration denying an application for disability benefits, it is important to file a timely appeal within the guidelines provided by the SSA. Appeal paperwork must be received within 60 days after the date of the denial, indicated on the upper right corner of the denial notice. In general, applicants have five extra days to account for mailing problems, for a total of 65 days. When people receive a denial notice, they can act to move forward by immediately reaching out for the appeal forms required to take the next step.

In many cases, the denial letter will not provide detailed information about why theSSD benefits claim was denied. The language used may be a standard form that gives little individualized detail about why a specific applicant was deemed insufficiently disabled to access benefits.

An experienced attorney can work with an applicant to file an appeal. Because disability lawyers are familiar with the process, they can file the necessary paperwork quickly while retaining copies for the applicant's records. Moving ahead with the appeals process can help to bring the case forward to a point where additional, detailed information can be submitted to bolster a case for much-needed benefits.

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