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Relocation and disability applications

California residents who file a claim for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration will typically experience no repercussions from moving to another state after they have submitted their claim. However, they should make it a priority to notify the SSA as soon as possible regarding the change in their contact information.

In situations in which the case has reached the disability application level or is at the reconsideration appeal stage where it is being reviewed by some form of the disability determination services, contacting the local Social Security office in the new state about the relocation will be sufficient. If the case has reached the hearing level but the hearing has not yet been arranged, the claimants can notify the local office as well because the jurisdiction will be different.

If the claimants relocate right before the hearing occurs, they will be advised by the administrative law judge at the hearing that their case cannot be heard because it is no longer in that jurisdiction. These claimants should expect a much longer wait for a hearing because it will be necessary to transfer their case to a hearing office that has the proper jurisdiction.

There are also cases in which claimants may relocate right before a scheduled hearing and decide to not notify Social Security or the hearing office about their move because they do not want to wait to have another hearing scheduled. However, if they present medical records from a physician from another state, the administrative law judge will probably become aware.

An attorney who practices Social Security Disability law may advise clients relocating to another state about what steps should be taken to ensure that their disability claim process is not hindered by the move. The attorney may assist by notifying the proper office.

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