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July 2019 Archives

The difference between living wills and living trusts

The law is sometimes confusing to California residents because the names of completely different legal documents may sound very similar. This is especially true in the area of estate planning. Living wills and living trusts sound like they would both serve similar purposes, but they are actually used in very different situations. Using the term 'will" to describe a living will also causes confusion as the provisions of the document go into effect while its drafter is still alive.

Aretha Franklin's children take legal action

Many music fans in California have continued to appreciate the work of Aretha Franklin since her death in 2018. However, some have expressed reservations about her estate planning skills. There is still an ongoing legal dispute over who should have control of her estate. One of the singer's sons filed a restraining order against Franklin's niece to stop her from taking any further action on behalf of the estate. Her other son has asked to be named a co-executor of the estate.

Do your parents need an elder law attorney?

Those who work in the elder law field deal with myriad issues facing senior citizens. These issues can range from protecting them from physical and financial abuse to helping them secure assets and find appropriate housing to meet their changing needs.

Estate planning for chronic illness

One of the many important legal documents California residents who are chronically ill should have in their estate plan is a living will. This document allows individuals to expressly state their health care preferences. In addition to addressing decisions regarding end of life care, it can state whether individuals have certain religious beliefs that would affect the health care they receive or if they do not want any restrictions on the treatment they receive.

Blue Water veterans covered for Agent Orange conditions

On June 25, 2019, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 was signed into law by President Trump. Veterans who live in California might be entitled to disability benefits. The legislation, which was championed by the American Legion, is designed to extend benefits to certain veterans for several conditions that have been connected to exposure to Agent Orange.


accounting-finance-hand-921783.jpgFew of us feel delight when we hear the term "tax code". However, there has been some recent excitement in the area of trust taxation and administration that we all should direct our attention to.

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