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Do your parents need an elder law attorney?

Those who work in the elder law field deal with myriad issues facing senior citizens. These issues can range from protecting them from physical and financial abuse to helping them secure assets and find appropriate housing to meet their changing needs.

It's quite likely if you have elderly parents that an elder law attorney could help you out considerably as you try to make your parents' lives easier.

Exploring the role of an elder law attorney

As stated by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, elder law attorneys duties can include:

  • All aspects of estate planning
  • Filing appeals for Social Security and Medicare claims
  • Investigating fraud and elder abuse
  • Administration and management of trusts and estates
  • Arranging for placements in long-term care facilities and nursing homes
  • Preserving or transferring assets so the non-incapacitated spouse isn't impoverished when the ailing spouse transfers to a nursing home

Other ways elder law attorneys can help

Far too often, issues concerning their elderly parents and grandparents can fracture families and foment discord. An elder law attorney is a neutral party with no stake in the game other than to assure that the elderly client receives the best and most appropriate level of care possible.

Sometimes, it may be possible to extend the number of years an elderly person can live independently in their own home with some modifications done in the home. The elder law attorney will examine all possible options.

An elder law attorney can also help your elderly relative restructure their assets to make them eligible for programs like Medi-Cal for which they would otherwise not qualify. Since some of these transactions must take place a certain number of years before there is a need for the benefits, it is always wise to seek the counsel of a Redlands elder law attorney before your elderly relative actually needs assistance.

What happens when a parent is resistant?

Keep in mind that you don't require a parent's or grandparent's consent to seek out information and advice from an elder law attorney. Your appointment and all discussions are confidential. You are simply learning more about a very complex process and situation. That information can later be invaluable if your elderly loved one experiences a crisis.

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