The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC July 5, 2018

Applying for disability benefits in California, or anywhere else in the country, can be a stressful experience. By the time somebody applies for Social Security Disability Insurance, they may have spent years attempting to manage their condition. Since the application process can be slow, it's important to present the Social Security Administration with the most comprehensive documentation of the disability available.

One area of confusion is that of medical examinations. When applicants do not have records from a recent examination, they may be asked to undergo a consultative examination by an unfamiliar physician. Since this is a brief exam, it may not provide adequate documentation of the health condition or its disabling effects.

As part of the preparation for making an application, individuals should attempt to find the dates of doctor's appointments and medical treatments. Having dates can show that the applicant has been seeking and receiving medical treatment for their condition for a while. It can also make it easier to obtain the records needed to prove a claim.

Providing a complete application that includes extensive documentation of the applicant's condition can help increase the chances of having a claim approved. The applicant should be aware that the Social Security disability appeals and reconsideration processes can be lengthy and potentially take years to complete.

Individuals who wish to apply for benefits may want to partner with an attorney. The lawyer could review the client's case and make recommendations for putting together an application that has a good chance of being approved. If an application has already been made, the attorney might be able to represent the applicant in an appeal.

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