Benefit recipients may need to wait for their first payment

There are many factors that may determine how quickly a California resident may receive their disability benefits. For example, those who had their initial applications approved will generally get benefits quicker than those who were approved at a hearing. This is because an approval is not immediately sent for processing. Instead, the decision is created by a separate entity who then sends it to a judge for approval.

From there, it is sent to a payment center to be processed. Therefore, it may be two months before a person receives payment after their application has been approved. When an application is approved at the initial application or reconsideration level, the application is sent for processing almost immediately. If a person has a future month of entitlement, there could be a delay of at least five months before payment is received.

The month of entitlement is the month in which a person becomes eligible to obtain benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does recognize that these delays are inconvenient for individuals. For many disability benefit recipients, not getting their money could cause a financial hardship. Therefore, the SSA takes steps to make the system work better for those who need help making ends meet.

Someone who has an inability to work could be eligible for federal disability benefits. However, an individual will need to show that they have a significant mental or physical impairment and will be disabled for at least 12 months. An attorney could answer questions an applicant may have or help with the appeal process. If a person is approved for disability benefits, it may be several months before payment is received.

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