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accounting-finance-hand-921783.jpgFew of us feel delight when we hear the term "tax code". However, there has been some recent excitement in the area of trust taxation and administration that we all should direct our attention to.

Points to know about a power of attorney

When you create an estate plan, you need to consider the end of your life. Some aspects of the estate plan actually come into the picture before you pass away. You should think carefully about how decisions on your behalf will be made before you pass away. These include your finances and medical care. Fortunately, you can act now to set up a plan for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Nursing homes are expensive: Determine coverage now

Nursing homes are expensive, especially when you don't have long-term insurance that can help with costs. Unfortunately, not everyone who is going to face the prospect of living in a nursing home takes time to get their affairs in order to defray the costs of living in one of these facilities.

Helping elderly parents with estate-planning needs is a true gift

If you are the adult child of elderly parents, one of the greatest gifts that you can give to them this holiday season is to make sure that they have all the necessary estate planning documents in place. While these conversations can be difficult to initiate, you do no one a favor by leaving it unaddressed.

Can you force reluctant parents to move to a home?

One of the hardest parts of dealing with aging parents with dementia from Alzheimer's or other illnesses is ensuring their continued safety in their home environments. Sometimes everyone but the elderly parent — adult children, neighbors, doctors — agrees that the parent now needs a supervised living environment to remain safe.

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