Burial in VA National Cemetaries

It feels like a special honor to visit the grave of a loved one who was a veteran when he or she is buried in a VA national cemetery. It has a certain sense of "rightness" about it.

Such burial is allowed for veterans if eligible, their spouses, and certain children. There is no cost. Gravesite, grave-liner, marker or headstone are included, as well as the grave's opening and closing, and perpetual care. Benefits for veterans also include a flag and case, and military funeral honors. Presidential Memorial Certificates are available upon request of family members and others.

National Cemeteries

131 national cemeteries are operated by the VA. Most are open for new interments with caskets; a few take cremated remains only. Contact the National Cemetery Scheduling Office to make arrangements.

Who Is Eligible?

A surviving spouse who has remarried is still eligible to be buried in a national cemetery. Children may be buried there if they fall within certain age ranges and other conditions. Children who are disabled and cannot support themselves may be eligible, too.

Normally there are no burials on weekends. Gravesite reservations are not allowed.

Other Veterans Benefits

The Aid & Attendance benefit is available for veterans and their spouse or widow and it can help pay for long-term care in a community or care at home.  This little-known benefit can provide up to $2,000 per month for care.

The Elder & Disability Law Firm can help veterans and their families with their knowledge of veterans benefits.  

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