Children can be Compensated for Care

Many veterans and their spouses and widows need long-term care. The Veterans Administration provides pension benefits. But too many veterans don't know that these benefits cover assisted living costs, even if provided at home. Home is a significant place to be, and the majority of long-term care happens there - estimated to be as high as 70 to 80 percent.

Home Care Benefits

VA benefits can and should be used in the home setting to pay for your care. Most people are surprised that the VA allows veterans to deduct costs for paying household members or hired help when figuring pension benefits. The annualized cost can be used to form a new income level based on that deduction. It allows families who earn more than the pension benefit to receive VA disability income.

Financial Help Available

This is welcome news to many families. If you are struggling to provide this care, be sure to look into this benefit. It could create additional income. A veteran's single surviving spouse may receive up to $2,116 a month.  

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