The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Jan. 31, 2019

There is no guarantee that an individual in California or any other state will have his or her disability benefit application approved. However, there are steps a person can take to maximize the chances of that happening. First, an applicant should ensure that their doctor agrees with the decision to file for disability benefits. If that is the case, that doctor should include a statement that an examiner can use to evaluate how a condition impacts the applicant's life.

In addition to stating what the condition is, it should also touch on treatment options that have already been exhausted. Furthermore, the statement should explain whether it is likely that an individual would be able to work given his or her condition. Even if a doctor is willing to provide a favorable statement, it is not the only variable when making a disability benefit determination.

Applicants should be sure to always respond in a timely manner to requests from a disability examiner. If an applicant's address or phone number change, those changes should be relayed to the examiner or other relevant parties immediately. This ensures that an individual is able to schedule a consultative examination or ask any other questions. Failure to provide updated information may make it easier to for an examiner to deny the application.

Those who meet the requirements for receiving disability benefits may wish to make a request to the government for financial assistance. These benefits may help pay medical costs and other bills that accumulate while a person is unable to work. An attorney or other legal representative may be able to help fill out or send in paperwork. This individual may also be able to help gather medical records and other information to bolster a disability case.

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