Consumer Reports Weighs in on DIY Estate Planning

Any time you are looking for solid and unbiased consumer information you know that you can find it in Consumer Reports magazine. The folks there do a fine job of analyzing products and services in a very fair and balanced way. They then pass along their findings to the public so that we can proceed with a foundation of useful information before parting with any of our hard-earned money.

Consumer Reports recently conducted a study that is very interesting for people within the estate planning community. They constructed three last Wills using online resources that are being offered by three of the major DIY (Do-It-Yourself) legal document sites.

It was then time to put these documents to the test. Consumer Reports enlisted the services of Gerry Beyer, Richard Neumann, and Norman Silber, three prominent legal professors. They asked these individuals to give the last wills the once over and share their opinions about the efficacy of these documents.

The experts did not feel as though these last wills were up to truly professional standards. They thought that the wording could lead to results that were not the intentions of the testator, and they were concerned about the possible inclusion of conflicting clauses.

Consumer Reports ultimately advised their readership to steer clear of these shortcuts, suggesting that there is really no substitute for a qualified licensed estate planning lawyer when you are expressing your final wishes in writing.

It is nice to see this reputable magazine taking on the subject of DIY estate planning. People need to know the truth, and this study will certainly be of value to consumers who are wondering if these sites are the right choice.  Your best move is to talk to an established elder law attorney.

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