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The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC May 18, 2021

Those who are looking for a care facility for their aging parents in California often have questions as to how to choose the right one. The first thing that a person should do is determine how much care a family member needs. For instance, a person who is highly confused or cannot groom themselves may need different levels of care than someone who can still live a relatively independent lifestyle.

Individuals who only need a moderate level of help around the house could benefit more from in-home care as opposed to living in a retirement community. However, those who need medical care or who have concerns about the cost of in-home care could benefit more from living in a retirement community or similar environment. Those who are looking to help their elderly parents find quality care should know about the benefits available to them.

In addition to Medi-Cal or Medicare, long-term insurance policies might help to pay for necessary services. To get a better picture of the type of care a parent could need, it may be a good idea to speak with that parent's physician. It could also be a good idea to consult with local or national groups such as the AARP that can offer tips and other information about caring for an elderly parent.

Buying long-term care insurance or putting assets into trusts could help protect loved ones as they age. Placing assets in a trust may prevent senior citizens from giving up control of a home or other valuable property to a scam artist. It can also allow an older person to retain assets while receiving government benefits. Family members of those who need care may benefit by consulting with a financial adviser and an attorney to determine a course of action.