DIC Coverage is for Veterans' Spouses and Children

Veterans' spouses should be aware of Veteran Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). This DIC benefit is paid monthly.

Eligibility Requirements

Benefits may be available to survivors (if eligible):

  • of a member of the military who died serving active duty or active or inactive training; or
  • of veteran who died as a result of either a service-related disease or injury, or certain non-service related illnesses or injuries and was totally disabled for period of ten years; or
  • since veteran was released from active duty and at least five years just before death occurred; or
  • if the veteran died after 9/30/1999 and was a former prisoner for at least one year before death.

Benefits are available to surviving spouses under any of these conditions:

  • legally married to the veteran prior to 1/1/1937;
  • married to a member of the service when death occurred on active duty, or for related active or inactive training;
  • veteran and spouse married within 15 years of service discharge when cause of death started or became aggravated;
  • spouse and veteran were married for at least a year.

There are also conditions for spouses with children and also for the children themselves. If eligible, a surviving spouse can collect at least the basic monthly DIC rate of $1,154.

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