Estate Planning Questions You Won't Like

Thinking about mortality is bad enough for most people, but when you meet with an estate planning attorney you will be forced to face questions that might make you squirm.

Who Will Raise Your Children?

Children under the age of 18 are considered minors by the court. That means they will need a guardian and that guardian should be selected by you. This person should be someone you trust and someone you would want to raise your children - and your children should have a comfortable relationship with them already.

What Will Your Healthcare Directive Say?

It might be gruesome to think about, but if the time comes where you no longer want to be on life support, will your estate planning documents support that? During estate planning you will have to determine what type of medical care you want if you become incapacitated and at what point you will no longer want care.

There are a lot of uncomfortable questions that arise during estate planning. Unfortunately, to have an effective estate plan, you need to address all of these areas. Work with your estate planning attorney and when it comes to selecting individuals to raise your children or manage your healthcare, choose wisely.

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