Fast track programs for certain Social Security Disability cases

People in California disabled by severe injuries or specific diseases sometimes qualify for a fast track review of an application for Social Security Disability benefits. Although the agency attempts to identify priority applications for people with obviously debilitating conditions, applications might still get caught up in the typical timeline of three to six months for an initial decision and over one year for an appeal. The programs known as Compassionate Allowance or Quick Disability Determination, however, provide a path to faster answers from the agency.

To jump ahead of normal processing schedules, a person needs to specifically pursue one of these programs when applying. The Social Security Administration has prepared a list of certain disabling conditions for the Compassionate Allowance program that qualify for nearly certain approval. Cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, acute leukemia and more than 200 other diseases appear on the list. A person who includes medical records detailing the diagnosis could receive a determination in 10 days.

For severe medical problems not appearing on the CAL list, the Quick Disability Determination presents the next route for an applicant. An application within this program must also include detailed medical records that illustrate the person's inability to work due to disability.

Because a disability could make preparing paperwork for a government bureaucracy very challenging, a person could enlist the services of an attorney. With legal support, the person might submit a complete and thorough application for Social Security Disability benefits the first time. An attorney could strive to describe the disease according to the agency's coding system. The assembling of medical records might also be accomplished by an attorney who could communicate with busy medical providers that are not fulfilling records requests in a timely manner.

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