Filing Process for Veteran's Aid and Attendance Program

The Veteran's Aid and Attendance program provides benefits for veterans and/or their spouses who need help with daily living activities.

When filing, you can expect that the average processing time for your application to the Veteran's Aid and Attendance program will be slow. Allow on average between four and eight months to receive a letter explaining your determination. You or your spouse may have to wait even longer, since there is a backlog of claims. The completeness of your application may be a factor, so be sure you have filled out as much information as possible.

Priority Status if 70+

Request that the processing center expedite your application if you are age 70 or older. At that age, you are given priority status. However, it is best to put your request in writing and include it with your application.

Benefits Retroactive

For some families who need care now, this can be a burden. You can try asking an assisted living facility to work with you if they believe you are qualified for these benefits. Fortunately benefits are retroactive to the original application date.  Contact a VA-accredited attorney in the Inland Empire to help you on your way to obtaining this important benefit.

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