How to apply and qualify for disability benefits

Workers in California and around the country have approximately a 20 percent chance of being disabled for at least three consecutive months during theircareer. Those who don't have disability insurance may have trouble replacing lost income. However, it may be possible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits while out of work. The program is available to those who have enough credits to qualify as it funded by payroll taxes.

The program has no means test, which means that benefits are not reduced or capped because of a person's income. How much a person receives under the program depends on the work record prior to becoming disabled. To be seen as disabled, a person would need to have a medical condition that is going to last for a year or more or that will will likely result in death.

It is also important to show that symptoms are present and that they may prevent an individual from applying for or doing a job. Applicants should be aware that over half of all applications are denied, and it could take a year or more for an appeal to be heard. California residents who are denied SSDI benefits may qualify for short-term benefits depending on their circumstances.

Those who are denied SSD benefits may wish to consult with an attorney about how to appeal. This may improve the odds that an appeal is successful as an attorney who has experience with these types of matters will likely understand how to show that a person is truly disabled and is unable to work as a result.

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