The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC July 24, 2018

California residents and others who have back pain could be entitled to disability benefits. To determine whether or not an individual should be approved for benefits, an examiner must find that the applicant has experienced a loss of functional ability. Common reasons for back pain include a ruptured disc, arachnoiditis and spinal stenosis among others. An individual will receive benefits only if they meet the criteria in the impairment listing.

For instance, an applicant may have his or her disability benefit application approved if it can be shown that there is a problem with the nerve root that leads to muscle atrophy. The issue with the nerve root will also need to cause muscle weakness or reflex problems. If a person has lumbar spinal stenosis, an examiner will need to see evidence of pseudoclaudication that precludes a person from being able to ambulate effectively.

In simpler terms, the person would need to show evidence of pain in the feet or legs that makes it hard to walk without assistance. If a person can't walk without pain, it may be less likely for a person to remain employed. It is worth noting that a person who can walk around at home may not be showing evidence of ambulating effectively. Evidence of lumbar stenosis can come from the results of an MRI or a CT scan.

Those who have an inability to work may wish to talk to an attorney about how to obtain disability benefits. These benefits may make it easier to pay bills or deal with medical expenses while out of work. Applicants who have legal representation may have a better chance of having their application approved either initially or on appeal. Benefits might be temporary or permanent depending on the impairment's severity.

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