If Only They Were Aware

Wartime veterans who have fallen into poverty and/or their spouses may be missing out on critically needed funds from the government.

Many just don't know about their availability. It is heart-wrenching to realize that ill, confused, elderly soldiers and other military vets could be helped if only they were able to access those benefits.

One group that is particularly hard hit is their widows. Women generally live longer than men, and yet may find themselves impoverished.

Few Realize Benefits Exist

A Veterans Administration (VA) actuarial report highlighted that only an estimated 27 percent of veterans and 14 percent in the group of veterans' widows actually get the benefits to which they are entitled. Most just don't know the program exists and that they are qualified.

Unfortunately the program's name - "disability person" - is confusing as a veteran doesn't necessarily have to be disabled to get it. Also, they don't realize that their age is a reason vets can qualify.

The Elder & Disability Law Firm wants to get the information out to veterans and their spouses in the San Bernardino area. Our firm helps with estate planning and Elder Law, and emphasizes veteran's issues. Our veterans and their families deserve all the help they can receive.

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