Long Term Care Costs Reduce Veterans' Pension Income Ceiling

The Veteran's Aid and Assistance program is a little-known program which offers pension benefits to certain veterans and their spouses for daily living assistance costs. There is a ceiling on income in order to qualify. Future medical expenses can be used to reduce your qualifying income level.

Normal Medical Expenses Allowed

Normally, only medical expenses incurred in the months immediately prior to application can be used to reduce income. Such items include insurance premiums, cost of home care or cost of payment to any person to provide care, day care cost as an adult, and costs for assisted living centers and nursing home facilities.

Special Provision

However, there is a special provision for calculating your pension income. If you are a veteran and/or spouse earning more than the annual application ceiling, this special provision may allow you to qualify for benefits.

It allows you to reduce household income by a year's worth of future, recurring medical expenses. You must submit appropriate evidence to qualify. If you are paying a substantial portion of your income for nursing home or assisted living costs, you may qualify as a result even if your monthly income is above the application ceiling.

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