Many Families Provide Care for Elderly Relatives

Over one-fifth of American families care for parents, grandparents, or others over age 50. This is according to a study done by AARP. It showed that over ten percent of such families' income was spent on caregiving. That number skyrocketed for families caring for someone long-distance. Expenses were estimated at almost $5,000 per month.

The level of care is defined by who can provide the care. Skilled care requires trained or licensed medical personnel who for example draw blood, perform tests, or make diagnoses. Custodial care does not require licensure. Help with daily living activities, like bathing or food preparation, etc., would fall under this category.

Costs and Coverage

Some costs are covered by insurance, but it depends. Skilled care will be covered more often than custodial care. Medicare usually doesn't cover custodial care unless it is considered a medical necessity. Long term care insurance can be helpful, but policies and prices vary widely.

While local and state governments are being financially squeezed themselves during this economy, do check out what is available in your state or region. Some organizations to contact include Senior Health Insurance Information Programs, your local Area Agency on Aging, or the Veterans Administration for helpful information.

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