The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Dec. 28, 2017

California residents that apply for Social Security Disability benefits have to submit medical records that verify their conditions. The records should come from the treating physician, and they should detail when the impairment began and how it will develop in the future. The physician will also be able to document any mental or physical restrictions the condition has on the applicant's ability to work.

The medical records should provide a comprehensive view of the applicant's medical condition. When deciding what to include, applicants should keep in mind that the objective is for the disability examiner to make a decision without having to request additional medical information. Generally, if the medical records applicants provide are sufficient, they should expect to have their claims processed in a timely manner.

Applicants can submit medical records from clinics, hospitals and other health care institutions as long the person that signs the documents are considered to be qualified medical professionals by the Social Security Administration. This includes licensed psychologists, medical doctors, optometrists and osteopaths. Although no weight is given to the medical opinions of chiropractors, the X-rays and any other medical tests that they order will be examined by a disability examiner before a decision is rendered.

The medical opinions of long-time treatment providers tend to be given more attention by disability examiners than those from an ER visit or short hospital stay. It is best for applicants to provide medical records from physicians with whom they have long-term relationships.

An attorney may assist clients that are unable to work due to some form of a mental or physical disability by helping them apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Assistance may also be provided for appealing denied claims. A lawyer may explain how the claims process works and what types of documentation is required.

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