Relax Through Early Planning

A will has some distinct differences from a trust. You can establish your intentions for distributing your estate after you die through either document. An experienced professional law firm can help you decide which document is best for your unique situation.

Guardianship, Probate, and Other Issues

If you have minor children, a will covers their guardianship, which is an element missing in a trust. However, a will must go through the probate process in order to prove its validity. A trust does not. Probate can take patience and knowledge; it can be difficult for families experiencing the grieving process. Most often, it is best to seek professional help, especially if there are complicating factors.

There can be drastic consequences for your loved ones if you haven't yet made a will when you die. The state will step in and make decisions in your place about your children and distribution of your assets. In the probate process, people you would not have chosen yourself can become unintended heirs if they dispute your will.

It's best to find a lawyer you trust and complete these documents early on. That way you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be protected in the manner of your choosing. The Elder & Disability Law Firm serving Loma Linda, CA and surrounding areas can help you and your family with questions about wills and other estate planning documents. We invite you to call us today.

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