Simple Needs May Not Require Much Help

Our law firm wants to be helpful to veterans whenever it can. However, there are times when a Veteran's family can submit an application for benefits without anyone else's help. Pension claims for veteran households with low income and few assets can likely handle the application process because it is fairly simple and straightforward.

Additional Assets or Long Term Care are Exceptions

However, if veterans or family members have additional assets over eligibility amounts or if long-term care costs are involved, it is best to seek advice or at least have prior knowledge before applying.

Simpler Process for Low Income and Asset Levels

But for those with low income and asset levels who are not involved in paying long term care costs, the process is simpler. If a friend or relative who holds the veteran's trust wants to be helpful to the veteran, he or she can apply on the veteran's behalf.

However, the Veteran should properly complete a Veterans Administration power of attorney. An online form exists called " VA 21-22a." The veteran can handwrite or sign a typed authorization using a certain format for authority called "CFR §14.630 Authorization for a particular claim."

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