The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Dec. 1, 2017

California residents that become disabled may have options available under both state and federal law for pursuing a disability claim, such as filing for social security disability benefits. There are some common mistakes many claimants make when filing a social security disability claim.

One error that many people make is not pursuing their social security disability claim through the appeals process. It is likely that someone who appeals an initial denial of social security benefits will eventually have his or her claim approved. According to nationwide statistics, over 60 percent of disability claimants are awarded disability after a hearing.

Filing a new claim instead of submitting an appeal to a denial is another common mistake people make. It will most likely lead to the new claim being denied again. An administrative law judge can take more factors into account when the claimant requests a hearing, such as his or her symptoms and testimony.

Many claimants miss the appeal deadline because they are not sure what to do after their claim has been denied. They may feel anxiety and depression over the denial and avoid taking action. In some cases, the claimant has not yet found an attorney to represent him or her.

Social security claimants that are unsure about what to do after their claim has been denied may wish to consult a lawyer. A social security disability attorney may be able to assist claimants by making sure that they meet all filing deadlines and advising them about federal regulations that may affect their claim.

At a hearing, an attorney will have a chance to present testimony from his or her client that can give the administrative law judge a more detailed account of the situation than the information that was assessed during the initial denial. A lawyer will be allowed to present testimony from the claimant, additional medical evidence and information about the claimant's ability to work.

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