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How medical records and work history affect SSD claims

For anyone in California seeking disability payments, the first step is to file an application. This is followed by a disability interview. After an application is on file, it's sent to an agency referred to as disability determination services, or DDS. The next step in the SSD application process involves a review of medical records and work history by a disability examiner at a California Disability Determination Services Office.

The importance of detailed information on SSD applications

California residents are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits based on the extent to which they are limited by a mental or physical condition. Therefore, it is important to be as specific as possible when talking to a doctor about such a condition. For instance, it may be a good idea to mention trouble with reaching or standing because of a bad back or other physical ailment during a checkup.

Applying for disability benefits

Applying for disability benefits in California, or anywhere else in the country, can be a stressful experience. By the time somebody applies for Social Security Disability Insurance, they may have spent years attempting to manage their condition. Since the application process can be slow, it's important to present the Social Security Administration with the most comprehensive documentation of the disability available.

Supreme Court to rule on disability case testimony

People applying for Social Security Disability benefits in California may be concerned about the role of expert witnesses in their cases, especially when an expert is providing testimony about an individual's abilities to work. This can be problematic when the experts in question have had little direct involvement or observation of the applicant's life and work experiences. In one case, an ongoing legal battle over this issue will head to the U.S. Supreme Court to determine the value of expert testimony that is not backed up by supporting data in a disability case.

Applying for disability with limited medical records

California residents who have applied for Social Security Disability may be concerned about leaving the search for their medical records in the hands of a disability examiner. It can be unclear to many applicants what could happen if the examiner is unable to locate all of the necessary records pertaining to their cases. The answer can vary depending on the circumstances, and it can change how an applicant's case is addressed.

What to expect at a disability hearing

People living with disabilities in California often struggle to hold a job. In many cases, they opt to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits provide a monthly cash income to those who are completely disabled and who have made sufficient contributions to Social Security during their working years.

How medical records impact SSDI and SSI determinations

Permanently disabled individuals in California and other states may want a better understanding of the role that their medical records might play in determining their eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. Claimants may be surprised to learn that it is possible to file for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income without submitting any records concerning past medical history. However, a favorable determination may be more likely when the disability examiner has access to a patient's pertinent past medical treatment records.

How to react after a disability application is denied

If a California resident has had their application for disability benefits denied, it is possible to appeal the ruling. Those who have had their reconsideration appeal denied can ask for a hearing. To improve the odds of obtaining a favorable outcome in a benefits case, an applicant should provide as much information as possible about the injury. There should be enough past and current evidence to show that a disability is present.

Disability hearings provide opportunities for SSD applicants

Many people in California may wonder whether they have a better opportunity to be successful in their application for Social Security Disability benefits when they have a hearing before a judge. During the first two levels of the disability application process, disability examiners make the decision as to whether a person should be granted benefits. There are often few chances for an applicant to improve their likelihood of approval during the initial application or the reconsideration appeal.

How to quicken the pace of a benefits case

Those in California who have applied for disability benefits may be able to ask that their case be handled in an expedited manner. A dire need request could be granted if a person feels that he or she is in danger of losing a home or not being able to afford medication. In some cases, an application will be reviewed faster because an applicant has a terminal illness of because an applicant has a presumptive disability.

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