Special Needs Planning

It's never easy to discuss end of life plans. It's even more difficult when those plans must include determining care for a child or family member with special needs.

There are the obvious issues of determining guardianship, establishing trusts, and implementing power of attorney and then there are the hidden dangers of improper estate planning. How you leave your assets to your child can impact their eligibility for future government assistance.

An estate attorney, particularly one familiar with disability law as well, can walk you through the process of ensuring your family member will be properly cared for and able to lead the life you want for him or her to lead. An estate attorney can assist you in planning your estate to best protect your child's assets, creating a Will and Trust, writing a Letter of Intent, and determining future guardians and/or caregivers. With proper organization, an Estate Attorney can ensure and oversee a smooth transition of property while minimizing any estate taxes, expenses, or delays.

If you're in the Inland Empire area and have questions about creating a plan for your special needs family member, contact your local estate attorney today.

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