The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Sept. 30, 2018

Many workers who become disabled in California file for Social Security claims every year. Social Security disability claims are controlled by federal guidelines and may be affected by how many cases are being filed in local offices due to heavy caseloads. Unfortunately, many claimants spend a long time waiting for their claim to be reviewed.

Usually, there is no way to speed up the process by request except through what is called a dire need request. This type of request may be made if the claimant is facing loss of their home or will not be able to pay for their utility bills or medication.

Requesting an expedited decision will not usually help during the initial application process or during the reconsideration phase if the initial claim is denied. Some claims may be approved more quickly if the claim is based on a terminal illness or a qualifying condition. Where these categories do not apply, it may be possible to request an expedited hearing or a pre-hearing review.

A disability applicant who has been denied social security benefits may benefit from consulting an attorney. Many claims are approved after a rejection of the initial application and a reconsideration if the claimant proceeds with appealing the decision. An attorney may be able to assist disabled individuals gather all the documents they need, apply to expedite the proceedings if necessary and advise the claimant about what to expect at an administrative hearing.

For claimants who are needing to speed up the application process, an attorney may be able to submit a request on behalf of the claimant based on dire need or submit a brief prior to the administrative hearing about why the case should be decided on the merits based on the existing record. The record might contain evidence such as medical records, prescription records, statements from the claimant and work history information.

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