The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Aug. 30, 2018

People in California who are applying for Social Security Disability benefits may wonder how to enhance their filing in order to maximize their chances of being approved earlier in the process. While it can be difficult to predict how an application will move forward, there are some steps that people can take to help the process proceed smoothly. First, making a claim can be lengthy and time-consuming because it can involve appointments, months of waiting, appeals and further actions; for this reason, it is important to move quickly when filing.

This is especially true when people have severe impairments that make it difficult or impossible for them to work and earn a living wage, the same factors that prompted them to apply for SSD benefits in the first place. Sometimes, people delay making an application because the entire process can be daunting and intimidating, especially if people are also struggling with their conditions. Some people may also think that their condition could improve and the application could be unnecessary. However, in many cases, a disabling condition will only grow more troublesome.

In order to get a claim started, an applicant should contact the Social Security Administration by telephone or in person to schedule a disability interview. During the interview, it is important to be prepared with key information, like an applicant's work history, citizenship or status, medical treatment history and physicians' contact information, personal details and financial resources. By providing medical professionals' contact information, it can help the examiner gather necessary details.

Applicants might work with a disability lawyer from the beginning of the process to receive guidance, support and representation as they apply for Social Security Disability. Especially at the appeals stage of the process, a lawyer may play a major role in helping an applicant present the details of his or her condition in order to obtain much-needed benefits.

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