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The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC April 24, 2018

In California, SSI and SSDI recipients will receive more protection from the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018 (H.R. 4547) recently signed by President Donald Trump. The measure seeks to protect individuals with disabilities by preventing criminals, and people with criminal records, from representing SSI and SSDI recipients as their representative payees. The measure was supported by Congress for the purpose of protecting recipients from unscrupulous representative payees who use the recipient's social security benefits for their own selfish purposes.

Furthermore, the measure will offer beneficiaries opportunities to choose their own representative payees instead of the government making the selections. Additionally, the California legislature will ensure that representative payees are subject to periodic reviews. The California legislature, along with other state legislatures, will ensure that representative payees are subject to frequent periodic reviews in lieu of submitting annual accounting forms. The new protective measure signed by President Trump will ensure that the Social Security Administration's representative payee program is a system that fully protects beneficiaries from possible fraudulent activities.

Approximately 6.2 million people are representative payees for nearly 8 million individuals with disabilities. The Social Security Administration assigns a representative payee when there is strong evidence that the recipient is unable to manage the received social security benefits. Beneficiaries who are able to manage their own business affairs do not need representative payees. Other recipients need people to manage their benefits. Unfortunately, many representative payees are only interested in manipulating the funds so that the beneficiaries do not even receive any of the benefits.

People who have been abused by representative payees have legal rights. Other issues concerning people with disabilities include how to overturn Social Security disability denials and overpayments. People who need help dealing with the Social Security Administration may benefit from contacting an attorney.

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