The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC Aug. 19, 2013

To be able to enjoy your life as a senior citizen you need to think ahead. Of course, making sure that you have the financial resources that you need is part of the equation. This involves working with a good Redlands elder law attorney to develop a cogent, personalized plan that prepares you for all of the eventualities of aging.

When you are developing a holistic game plan as it were you must also consider health concerns in addition to your financial planning efforts. With this in mind you would do well to be aware of the often overlooked danger of slipping and falling.

On the surface it could seem as though falling down is not pleasant by any means but at the same time not very significant. You may scrape your knee or walk away with some type of bruise but it is really no big deal.

This may be true when you are 10 years old, but for senior citizens things are different. Believe it or not, approximately 650,000 people are hospitalized after falling down in the United States every year and falls result in over 20,000 deaths annually.

Those are some rather eye-catching statistics to say the least.

There are however some things that can be done to mitigate your vulnerability, and a very good resource to tap into is the Falls Prevention page that is offered on the National Council On Aging website. Here you can learn all the facts about falls and find out how to prevent them so that you can enjoy your elder years to the fullest with your health intact.

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